With Sri Krishna Realty building your independent house is all about flexibility, innovation and above all results. Our team of civil engineers and designers will focus on your exact requirement and deliver cost-effective solutions to every house. At Sri Krishna Realty quality is never an accident; it is the by-product of consistent outperformance. Each Individual House Is well planned with maximum space utilization. We handcraft homes by ensuring maximum attention to every detail of every project.

The process of building a new home is one of the greatest journeys of a lifetime. While this journey is highly rewarding, it is also, unquestionably, stressful. At Sri Krishna Realty our engineers understand this and walk with you throughout the process of building and decorating your new home and can help you curate the house of your dreams.

So whether you’re looking for home decor ideas for your first house, your vacation house, or even a grand manor house to retire to once you’ve made your fortune, the house designs on Sri Krishna Realty are virtually endless!

Our economy home construction packages are designed to get the best results from your budgets on construction quality. Our home construction packages include Design, Labor and quality Material to ensure that there is no room for surprises and escalation in your new home construction cost. Every component in our home construction packages is carefully handpicked in order to keep the cost at bay without compromising quality.